en_etr_frontWelcome to the website of the project Topside.

The Topside project is about peer-support.

Peer-support is when a person with intellectual disability helps another person with intellectual disability with different things.

For example:

  • To make choices and decisions.
  • To live independently.
  • To be included.
  • To understand their rights.

The person who gives support is called a peer-supporter.
A peer-supporter does the following things:

  • Listens to what people with intellectual disabilities have to say.
  • Gives advice.
  • Share life experiences.
  • Offers support to make decisions.
  • Helps people with intellectual disabilities to achieve things in life.
  • Shows people with intellectual disabilities what is possible to achieve in their life.

A person who wants to become a peer supporter needs to get training.

In this training, the peer support needs to learn the following skills:

  • Respect people and their wishes and opinions.
  • Understand the feelings of other people.
  • Talk to different people.
  • Talk about their experiences.

The project trains self-advocates to become peer-supporters.
The peer-supporters learn new skills and get a chance to work or volunteer.

Inclusion Europe works on this project with many other partners.
The partners of this project are organisations from the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Scotland and Spain.