A Training Talk


Why should you do this exercise?

This is a training for conducting talks as a peer supporter.


What can be the role of a Peer-Trainer with intellectual disability?

This exercise is done by 3 people: A peer supporter has a training talk with a person. The third person is listening and helps to evaluate.

What is the objective of the exercise?

To train conducting a talk.
Another peer supporter (or the mentor or the trainer) has the role of a person looking for support.
And a third person takes the role of a observer.
The purpose is training!

What is the method to be used?

Every conversation is different.
Therefore it is useful to train conducting a talk.
Afterwards there will be an evaluation:
What was good?
What was difficult?
What should the peer supporters think over and consider at his next talk?

Tips for the trainers/additional information

Such a training talk should not last longer than 15 – 20 minutes.
It is good to celebrate such training talks from time to time.
Also here useful: fixing minutes and the lessons learned.