After the training

If you run a seminar,
you will want to know if people liked it or not.

You also should think about
how you liked the seminar yourself.

This is called an evaluation.

At the end of the seminar
you should always ask the participants how they liked it.

To help you with that, you can prepare papers like this
or draw a table on the board.

Participants can make crosses
or put stickers
to show their opinion.

You should then talk with the participants
about the results.

You can come up with your own questions,
or use the following:

  • Welcome
  • Organisation
  • Training material
  • Training location
  • How were the Trainers
  • How did you like the group
  • One question about each exercise that you did

If your training is several days, you should do this
at the end of each day.


A different question is how you
and the Trainer liked the training.

This is important to learn from experience
and to do even better next time.

You prepared the session together,
therefore you should evaluate the session together.

You do that without the participants, just the 2 of you.

The following questions can help you to evaluate:

  • How was your mood?
  • How did you manage the time?
  • Did the participants took part in the session
    as you thought they would do?
  • Which parts did they find good, difficult or boring?
  • Which parts did you find good or difficult?
  • What about the cooperation within your team?
  • Were you pleased with your role (or your tasks)?
  • What did you learn from the session?
  • What should you change or improve?

You can again use a little table like this
to capture your thoughts.