Jak i špatné rozhodnutí může přínést něco dobrého

Co je cílem cvičení? Ukázat, jak lidé někdy učiní rozhodnutí, které se jeví jako špatné nebo se nakonec jako špatné ukáže, ale jak se lidé z takových rozhodnutí učí a jak takovéto špatné rozhodnutí pomáhá i nám samotným něco se naučit. Ukázat, jak by podpůrce měl s podobnými situacemi pracovat. Ktere metody budem pouzivat? Napište […]

The Peer

Why should you do this exercise? Understand the definition of peer: “A peer, is my equal, at my level. We share the same things. We feel the same things. A peer is someone who went through the same situations as me. A peer is not necessarily a friend or a family member.” What can be […]

The Direction of my Life

Why should you do this exercise? We all want to improve something in our lives. To solve a situation it is very important to understand what the problem is. For this you have to know yourself, to evaluate your life conditions and to think about what do you want for the future. What can be […]

Steps towards self-determination and self-advocacy

Why should you do this exercise? Here you can learn: How are my individual assistance needs connected with self-advocacy? What can be the role of a Peer-Trainer with intellectual disability? This exercise a peer supporter should study carefully with the trainer. This will help later on in talks as a peer supporter. What is the […]