History of pictures


Why should you do this exercise?

This exercise makes the people work in a playful way by manipulating images.
It is accessible to every public.
It allows to exercise the capacities of communication and observation.


What can be the role of a Peer-Trainer with intellectual disability?

The peer-trainer can show quickly all the stories on the screen and hands an envelope to each participant with pieces of stories.

What is the objective of the exercise?

Show that team work is more efficient than working alone
Share common goals

What is the method to be used?

There are several stories in each envelope.
First, each person try to rebuilt the stories.
To complete the stories, the trainees will have to work as a team so that the pictures can be gathered.

What are the materials needed?

About 6 comic pages
Enveloppes with pieces of comic.

Tips for the trainers/additional information

Tips for the trainers
Enventually give a hint so that the trainees work together.
Timeframe: 30 minutes