Peer support in informal talk


Why should you do this exercise?

Also during everyday conversations you can offer peer support.
Here you can learn how.


What can be the role of a Peer-Trainer with intellectual disability?

Experienced Peer-Trainers can take the role of personal assistants.
Like this, they can help those participants who find it hard to speak.
They can ask them about their opinion or what they did during their last weekend.
The Peer-Trainer should be in good contact with the Trainer,
so that they do not confuse each other.

What is the objective of the exercise?

Participants are learning how identify the need for peer support and to give support in informal talk.

What is the method to be used?

At the beginning of the lecture the participants get the opportunity to offer some personal informal updates about what has been happening in their own life. This can take up to 15 minutes. The lecturer should let them speak without interrupting. He can ask the assistant lecturer to actively help those participants who find it hard to do this on their own– he or she can ask them what they think, how was their weekend etc.

The participants will improve their communication skills during these informal discussion. At the same time, an interesting theme around peer support – where the participants may be able to support each other – may appear. For example: One of the participants mentions, that he cannot take part in an activity he wanted to because his brother didn’t allow him and he has just accepted that without question. The other participants may then say that they decide about their own activities themselves. This can lead to a sharing of experience and a form of peer support for the person concerned.

The participants learn to support each other during every-day conversation. Important issues concerning the abuse of their rights, which they might not normally talk about, can arise. This is a good rehearsal for the peer support they should be able to offer after the course is finished.

Tips for the trainers/additional information

10 – 45 minutes.

It is good to find time for every-day conversation during every lecture. The best time is usually before the actual lecture starts


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