The TOPSIDE resources

Five products are available to help to deliver the TOPSIDE training:

Capture2 O The TOPSIDE Methodological Guidelines for trainers, which should guide you through the process of planning and preparing the training programme.
 en_etr_front The TOPSIDE Curriculum in Easy-to-Read Language supports trainers with intellectual disabilities to prepare and run the TOPSIDE training.
Capture4 The TOPSIDE Curriculum, which is composed of a database of exercises to train people with intellectual disabilities to become peer supporters.
Capture3 The TOPSIDE Material for Peers, which contains examples of portfolios and materials peers will keep to record and display their competences and to remind them what they have learned.
Capture1 The TOPSIDE Guidelines for Mentors, which should advise and direct the activities of the mentors to peer supporters, once those peer supporters have gone through the training programme.

All four elements were important to fully understand and utilise the TOPSIDE training.

We recommended to start by reading the Methodological Guidelines to get acquainted with the training concepts.

The national reports of the pilot courses run by the project partners are available on the TOPSIDE website. They contain plenty of information that they could find useful to read and concrete examples of how a TOPSIDE training course could look.