Running the training

It is important that Trainer and Peer Trainer
always plan a training together.

They should first look at the skills
that the participants already have.

If the participants are new,
they can benefit from all the TOPSIDE skills.

If the participants have done some trainings already,
the situation is different.

Then the Trainers can choose a new skill
or decide to do a trained skill again,
to help participants to remember.

On the TOPSIDE website
there is a list of all the skills that can be learned.

For each session of 1 hour,
you should do only 1 or 2 exercises.

When you have selected the skill together,
you find on the TOPSIDE website some exercises
to train this skill.

Both Trainers should look at the exercises
and speak about which one they like most.

All exercises have an easy-to-read summary
to explain what it is about.

The exercise has also some ideas about
what you as Peer Trainer
can do in the exercise.

The Trainers should speak about this
and see if they have other ideas.

Then they should agree on who does what
during the training.

Together you prepare then the training.

Make sure you have
all the materials you need.

And most important:

Don’t be nervous!