Taking decisions


Why should you do this exercise?

It’s a way to realize that we are all in charge of our lives.


What can be the role of a Peer-Trainer with intellectual disability?

The peer-supporter presents his situation.

What is the objective of the exercise?

  • Share life experiences
  • Promote self-determination

What is the method to be used?

The trainer asks the trainees to give examples of decision making.
Examples: choosing clothes to wear, lunch menu, waking-up time.

The peer-trainer divides the board in 3 parts
The peer-trainer hangs the pictures of 3 ways to make a decision:

  1. Alone
  2. With advice
  3. Decision made on your behalf

The peer-trainer distributes the images of situations in decision making. The trainees display the picture on the board and explain the ways they make decisions
The trainer creates a debate.
The trainees share their experiences
The peer-trainer presents his way of making decisions

What are the materials needed?

Images of situations in decision making.

Tips for the trainers/additional information

Some people will say that they can’t choose what they want. Find differents situations to proove that they do more than they think and give them confidence.
Timeframe: 1 hour