Tasks of Peer-Trainer

Trainers and Peer-Trainers have the same main task:
to teach the participants about Peer Support.

But during a training they can do different things.

Before the trainings, they should talk about
who does what in each exercise.

It is important to understand
that their tasks can change for different exercises.

One exercise can be led by the Peer Trainer.

In another exercise,
he or she can contribute their experiences.

We have thought about some of the tasks
the Peer-Trainer can have during a training.

For example:

  • Welcome people and make sure they are comfortable.
  • Explain about Peer-Support.
  • Explain about the exercises.
  • Support the discussion with own experiences,
    giving feed-back to the participants and valuing
    their own life experiences.
  • Participate in role plays.
  • Run a whole exercise independently.

These are just some of the roles
a peer-trainer can have during the trainings.

For each of the exercises on the TOPSIDE website
we have given some ideas about what the Peer-Trainer can do.

You may think about different ones.