Romania: After the national dissemination event in Timisoara, Alina presents the project for TV news. Luminita and Laurentiu, participants of TOPSIDE training, share their experiences.

The Netherlands:
Juultie, the trainer, and the co-trainer Alexander introduce TOPSIDE training at the UN conference for the ratification of CRPD in the Netherlands, end of September 2013.


The Czech Republic: Workshop participants practice their peer-support skills during the Topside Project national event entitled “People with intellectual disabilities as supporters and lecturers”, organised by SPMP CR on 19 September 2013 in Prague.



Spain: Nuria, Josep Maria and Mercè with Diego speak about the idea of peer-support, their feelings and the importance of the TOPSIDE training. They are interviewed by TOPSIDE trainer Ivana.


Finland: MEKA-tv, a local hobby group for people with intellectual disabilities, interviews Anne Grönroos from KVTL about the project.
In the video, self-advocates discuss about the importance of the peer-support and why everyone should do the TOPSIDE training course.