TOPSIDE Training

In the project TOPSIDE we have a way of training
to help people with disabilities
to support their peers.

They learn how to use their own experiences
to help other people.

They also learn to listen, to understand and to talk.

For this, we have many different exercises.

Some of the exercises are very simple
and others are difficult.

We found out that it is very good
if people with intellectual disabilities themselves
give part of the training.

That is why we always have 2 trainers for the exercises:

  • 1 trainer with an own experience
    of having a disability.
    We call them “Peer Trainers”.
  • 1 trainer with no own experience
    of having a disability.
    We call them simply “trainers”.

They always work in a team together.

This text is for the “Peer Trainers”
to help them to understand their tasks.

There are always 4 to 8 participants in one training.

There should not be more participants
so that everyone has a chance to talk.

After the participants have completed their training,
they become Peer Supporters.

Then they are ready to help other peers.

Often they have a party to celebrate their success.