Trainer and Peer-Trainer

The training sessions in TOPSIDE are always done
by 2 trainers:

  • One of the trainers has an own experience with having a disability
    Because the trainees will be persons with a disability
    we call this trainer a
  • The other trainer has no own experience
    with having a disability.
    Guidelines for Trainers are available
    at the TOPSIDE website

The trainer and the peer-trainer
will have different roles during the training.

The peer-trainers decide what they feel comfortable to do
during the training.

We have identified some of the roles
they may want to do.

You can read about that below.

One thing that they should always do together
is the planning of the training sessions.

They can have just one or several roles
during the training.

They can have different roles in different exercises.
For example, if the exercise is using a situation
that the Peer-Trainer knows very well,
he or she can feel more comfortable to lead the training
and have a more active role.

But they can also just welcome participants
or help with the distribution of materials.

The Peer-Trainer decides together with the Trainer
about the different roles they will have during the training.