Where to get support


Why should you do this exercise?

Identify people who can give help.
To identify the difference between a good and bad support.
Understand the good attitude of a peer-supporter.


What can be the role of a Peer-Trainer with intellectual disability?

Peer-Trainers can present their network of help.
They could make a role-play to show different attitudes.

What is the objective of the exercise?

To begin to understand what correct and incorrect peer support looks and sounds like.

What is the method to be used?

Role play and discussion. See below – two different role play exercises. Ideally a person with an intellectual disability will perform the role play, paraphrasing where required.

Role play: Two people. One person with an intellectual disability describes this situation:

My parents don’t think I’m being supported properly by the workers who work with me. They think that the workers should be telling me what to do more and they think that some things are too hard for me to do and that the workers should do them for me. They think that the idea that I can manage my own money or choose my own food is too much for me to do. They want the workers to make sure I don’t eat too much and they want the workers to keep my money for me and make sure I don’t buy stupid things and waste it. My workers don’t agree. They think I can do this for myself. I love my parents and I really like my workers but now my parents want me to get different workers who will do what they tell them.

Ask the participants how they would support the person as peer supporters?

Record the responses.

Role play: Part two. Describe the support as follows:

Just tell your parents that this is none of their business. You’re an adult and can do what you like. Tell the workers to tell your parents to leave you alone. What’s it got to do with them? Don’t let your parents come around to your house. Take all your money out and buy what you like. Eat whatever you like. It’s up to you what workers support you – tell your parents to get lost! You’re independent. So what if they get upset? They don’t understand!

Discuss this response. Is there anything wrong with this response? What do you think would happen if this was your response? What kind of response do you think might work better?

What are the materials needed?

Role play material – normal setting for learning and discussion.

Tips for the trainers/additional information

A variety of similar scenarios can be created here.

Timeframe: 30 min


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